Friday, 6 June, 2008

mumbai rain and the people

couple of days ago there is an official start of the rainy season in mumbai city as usual the at the first time there is delay at the central railway locals just with the rain of 5-10 mins
i think it is not a new thing to comman person in mumbai.
The event i want to describe is the nature of the people i came across in these two days
as usual i left for the day from office late in the evening by the time there is a huge rain outside so i wait outside till the rain stops or become somewhat slower with my friend.
Somehow catch the bus to the station as we dont have an umbrella, the bus as usual is full packed and we somehow managed to get in
the gents passengers in the bus are some what sensible than the ladies passengers and comparatively more cooperative.
I dont want to go in deep of that as it will be a whole chapter, so skipping that for next section and now descibing the event in the local train.
The usual train at 7.47pm from dadar is announced late for that day so there is a huge crowd at the station so i decided to go to earlier station to catch a fast train ie at Byculla.
I got the same by luck and managed to get inside that one with some ease. I know that if i m inside the compartment then somehow i will get the seat some time later at Thane or may be at Dombivali coz the general practice of dombivali people is that they will not left the seat till dombivali.
So hoping for to get the seat the thane crossed and i m in a place of "regular group" people at train looking at each others place that someone who will give us the seat.
There was no one to left the same so we are helpless standing along one side.
Thank god one older man got petty on us and just left that seat and offer that to me.
actually he himself got the seat at thane and still offering us at dombivali, hardly 10-15 mins distance then also.
I remember his sentence that everybody should get a chance to seat. The one which may not applicable to the group members of certain kind.
We also have a group of around 15 people in the morning but there is equality whenever a new member comes to our group. We dont treat him the way as i was treated that evening.


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