Monday, 14 April, 2008

Is there need of reservation to OBCs

In past months there was an issue regarding the OBCs reservation in the higher institutions like IIMs and IITs.
The story behind this was a far long, before many years when there was a group of certain people dominating certain class of people in the society. All the low quality level work were done by these.
The one man Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar came out with a thought to finish this and to help the community. He had done some good things to help the community, the story so far exists some 50 yrs ago when India became independent and every citizen of India awarded equal rights by the republic of India.
If it is there then how come the issue came for the reservation, the republic of India clearly states that each Indian citizen have equal rights compare to the others in the society and the racisism is the major social crime.
Though this is stated, but very few people in the society were aware about it. There is now also some group of persons who want to have their rights just for their sake and not else. so they are trying this reservations weapons to get their people in the higher position without capability.
Here I want to mention the personal experience of mine for the post graduation admission for chemistry, at the time there was also some reservation quota for the SCs STs and NTs. The students who just got just above 45 % had an easy admission to the top most branch in post graduation at one of the major colleges and the students like me, from open quota dont even get a lowest branch at the lowest grade college for approx 66% the list closed at around 66.8 %. This was the terrible experience in my life.
Now back to the point of reservation, the students who dont have capability to learn further just got admission on the reservation quota and just cant complete the studies, many of them leaves in the middle of course, a wastage of few seats that can be helpful for students who really want to study but dont get admission through open quota.
The teaching in the institutions is same for all the class of students, there is not separate batch for the SCs and STs, then where this reservation funda came from. The government takes CET for the courses, that is to test the capability of students, or to check whether he is really a suitable candidate to have that course. Then it should be treated equally for all the students. The ones who will score more will get the admission. This is as straight forward as it is but....
All the things will not happen as we see that it should happen.........
In the society itself, in the daily life experience we dont treat the SCs and STs as a separate part of our life, in the society in the institutions they were treated equally....... so I dont think there is a need to have a separate reservation for some specific community..........

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