Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Public events ...think again

i just want to discuss the many kinds of people that i came across, the various evidents show the nature of the people.
Yesterday only there was Shivjayanti and every where there is mood of celebration.
The reason is obvious that there is Birthday of the Great Maharashtrian emperor, upto this point it is ok but in city Ambarnath there is mood of some extra celebration.
The station area is surrounded by flags and all decorations, there is a place reserved for the some events outside the road.
I reach late in the night and saw some heavy loudspeakers with songs are played in the public area, it was difficult to bear the sound. If people want to celebrate the day then it is ok but do some useful things na. Help some organizations, or poor people those need help. What they people goin to achieve with these loud sound and unnecessary things. let it be ..........
Another event i wnt to mention is daily local train experince
i travel daily by 7.37 train from ABR, there is general tendency of the UNR people to come back seated while train came down from UNR, upto some extent it is ok coz every one wnt a seat while travelling so long, but bcoz of the limited seats everyone dont get chance to sit. It is understood and in the half way the people let others sit and they stand up the other half.
This continues in all the trains generally, but there are some peoples that dont think of others and remain seated for the entire journey. This should not happen dont know the reason why people used to do this ............
A strange experience about one frnd (say frnd "x" coz she dont want her name to display on net) in couple of weeks back i want to mention here.......
We meet on orkut for the first time, though we were in same school but we havent talked ever.
while surfing i just got her profile and sent scrap for friendship, she accepted it and since then we used to chat daily.
once while chatting the topic discussed was lets meet someday and we meet
I have planned what topics to discuss and where to go but the actual things happened was totally unexpected and we just keep standing by roadside and just discuss unnecessary things, they are necessary for priliminary information but ok for that day.
After that we used to meet every day for atleast half an hour and chat by side of the road.
Meanwhile "x" told me that she told Frnd Y(our frnd) abt our visit (Y was also with us in the school)
Y asked her to think for a while when talking to me. I think she was right.
From that day there is sudden change in"X" and the meetings were less frequent, the reason told to me that she getting embarrased while talking to me by roadside, which is true to me also and the passing people looking around at us in strange manner.
I got the reason and said nothing coz she is right.
But i cant get the things and wnt someone to discuss the things that i experience and dont get.
Past days i discussed many things with "X" and got a good relief, though the solutions she suggested was not 100% acceptable.
I suggested many ways to meet so that others who know us dont see us while chatting on road
I told her that may we can meet at earlier stations and chat so that itwill be fine for both of us
She suggested that we can meet at VT which in opposite direction to my way back to home so i refused, then i suggested that we can meet at any station on the way back to home so that it will be easier for both of us
She refused to accept, the reason she gave was not at all acceptable according to my point of view.
Let it be ........ we now only chat in gmail and if necessary meet for 5-10 mins
I m feeling that there should be someone to whom i can talk discuss my problems, a good frnd ..
a true frnd who is interested in me .. can understand me ......
but havent got any one
on chat i have many frnds and i discuss many things with them just beside chat ..
but i wnt a true frnd that i havent got till now....................

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